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Alumni Events

First Published: 2018 October 25

Draft 1

Today, I had the opportunity of attending the Grinnellians in London1 alumni meetup. It was really interesting. After an hour or so of socializing, we were given a talk about Global Grinnell, and its initiatives.

I found it interesting that the focus was solely on English2 people we were bringing to Grinnell. When I asked about things that did not fit into this catagory, I was given a few examples in the social studies division, and theatre. I find it odd that we don’t do anything with S and M3 in a Global Grinnell, especially since more and more students are majoring in those disciplines. But, maybe I just phrased my question badly.

  1. separate from Grinnell in London

  2. or, as I was corrected, writing

  3. since Grinnell doesn’t have the TEA of STEAM