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A Broken Nose

Prereading note: There’s mentions of injury and blood, so if you don’t want to read about that, avoid today.

Draft 1

As some of you know, I’m somewhat1 non-risk-averse.2 And, that often results in some fun stories.

My favorite stories are probably: the time I scalped myself,3 the time I set my hair on fire,4 the time I bled through fiberglass,5 and the time that I found out that all of the not brown6 in my eye can fall to the bottom if I hit my eye correctly. Today, I get to have a new one! The time I broke my nose.

All things considered, it’s somewhat surprising to me that I’ve never broken it before. But, I was learning new skills today, and then misinterpreted a direction. I was on my hands, trying to learn a handstand forward roll, when I heard “go into a ball”. Now, I normally just pull my legs to my chest when I’m supposed to do that, so I did.

As you might expect, that threw me off balance. My knee came crashing down, and I heard a crunch. There was a lot of blood coming out.

But, small blessings still exist. I didn’t get any other injuries. Because of how I fell, my nose didn’t get bent out of place. I was surrounded by friends who helped me mop up the blood and start recovery.

But, I can now report on what a broken nose feels like.7 It felt almost entirely like an ice cream headache. My nose still hurts to touch, but that’s fine. Up at the bridge, it was really slidy, and I could move it from side to side and up and down.8 Here’s hoping it heals well!

  1. read: I still don’t believe in injury

  2. I hope I hyphenated that correctly

  3. maybe a future post

  4. which, honestly, was pretty cool

  5. honestly, a surprisingly funny story

  6. the green

  7. yay!

  8. yes mom, I stopped doing it after medical advice advised me to not do it