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Christmas Concert

First Published: 2018 December 4

Draft 1

Tonight, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Chandos Chamber Choir Christmas Concert at Christ1 the Holy Redeemer Church. In addition to hearing some lovely early music carols, as well as some modern takes on those early songs, there were also some audience sing-alongs. It was great fun, especially because I didn’t know all of the carols. Sadly, they didn’t have the audience sing my two favorite carols,2 but that’s life.

Overall, the concert was a great experience. The choir was good, and the brass quintet was spectacular. They served mince pies, so I had my first ever, which apparently means I get to make a wish. Since finals week is coming up, I’m sure you can guess what I wished for.

  1. wow that’s a lot of C words

  2. Veni, Veni Emmanuel and Angels We Have Heard on High