I'm just copying my father


Dumb Regrets

First Published: 2018 December 29

Draft 1

As some of you may know, I dive. And, as a result of this, I’ve learned the numbering system for diving. It’s fairly straightforward. For example, 103 means front one and a half. Each time the final number increases by one, the number of half-rotations does as well. So, 104 is front double, and so on. Now, this brings us to a topic of debate among my teammates and I. Should front 5 and one half be 111 or 1011? While in London, I heard that one of my teammates knew someone who threw the dive, so I could’ve asked what the number was. But, I forgot, and now don’t know the number. However, some research I’ve never tried to do before now suggests that the answer is 1011, which is fine, just wrong.