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Getting Lost

First Posted: Day beginning 2018 October 13

Draft 1

Today, I was planning on posting about my trip to a museum. But, I’m also in Scotland.

Since I was in Scotland, I decided that I should try to take the opportunity ot listen to some Scottish Folk music. Last night, my friends convinced me not to go. So, tonight, I decided to go.

Of course, it turns out every pub operates on the “Folk Music Friday” “Standard Pop Saturday”1 realm for music, so finding folk music was hard. I did end up being able to find a single pub with it, around a mile away.

By 23002 I was feeling tired, and so routed myself home. After a short walk, I found that the hotel I had routed myself was a different version of the hotel that I was staying at. So, I routed myself to the correct one. Then, at 2326, the unthinkable happened: my phone died. I became slightly worried.

But, I found out that people were very willing to respond to “hello, do you know how to get to the train station?”3 Of course, I soon learned that there were two train stations. Thankfully, my gut did tell me the right one, so I began heading. Somehow I ended up on a gradually curving set of streets which led me in a circle.

Talk about disappointing. I was so excited to see familiar sites, only to realize that it was where I had just been. Eventually, I found my way to the train station, although it was much larger than I remembered. I found a hotel, which had a map and a very helpful man who was willing to draw directions to my hotel. I found a familiar site finally, and made my way home.

Highlights: two drunk men, who “aren’t from around here” asking everyone near me for directions to the train station. But, I did hear some music, even though it was a little disappointing. I also managed to take more than 30000 steps, which is a lot for me.4 Time for some sleep.

  1. i don’t know if either of those are real, but I liked the alliteration in the first, so forced the second

  2. 11pm

  3. I knew my hotel was near the train station, so assumed I could find it from there

  4. it helps that I also climbed Arthur’s Seat