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Missing Time

First Published: 2018 November 3

Draft 2

People who know me might know that I’m somewhat flighty. Despite this, I really try to build my days around touchstones, or events that are required at a certain place and time. This works nicely in a majority of my life, as academics and extracurriculars provide this. Somehow, having anything to do in a day makes me keep track of the entire day so much better.

But, some days don’t have any events. Even Sundays, where I attend Mass, don’t feel like an event, because there are multiple options for time. These past two days in particular, I feel as though time has simply passed me by. I don’t really know where the last 48 hours went, though I know they must have gone somewhere. Such is life I suppose.

Draft 1

Normally I keep my days very structured. While it isn’t the structure that most people think of,1 I have the entirety of my days flow around focal points, as a way to orient myself. So, when I have days with no imposed structure, they tend to disappear.

Today is a great example of this. I woke up at nearly 11 am, because I had no reason not to. Over the next hour and a half, I apparently wrote.2 After that, I think I watched a tv show until 5, when I helped people make dinner, and then did activities with friends. But, the day still feels as though it’s barely started. I don’t like this feeling.

  1. i.e. plans of minutae

  2. based on my journal