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First Published: 2018 November 1

Draft 1

As many of you know, today is All Saints Day. Coincidentally, that means that today is also the first of November. Now, in addition to being the month dedicated to a focus on men’s1 mental health, November is also NaNoWriMo.2 And, since I lack most of the time consuming activities I have at Grinnell,3 I have more free time here. So, I decided I’d try to write 50,000 additional words this month, or around 1700 a day. Now, according to my quick and dirty approximation, I’ve written approximately 750 words a day for these posts.

That’s a shame. I guess that I’m going to have to triple my daily word count, since this isn’t an excuse for me to stop posting, and I don’t want to subject others to the horror of my attempts at creative writing.

  1. lack of

  2. National Novel Writers Month

  3. sport, ensembles, (most of) my instruments, much of the studying, a job, etc