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Draft 2

Today, I went on a riverwalk. Nominally, it was to fulfill an academic assignment. Since the assignment was vague,1 I chose to journey between the London Aquatics Centre2 and the River Thames.3 I found that 4 you can walk the entire distance from the Aquatic Centre to the Thames entirely along different rivers and streams.5 I had a great time during the walk! A part of me really wanted to go all the way to the English Chanel, but I knew that was a poor choice. For one, it would have been far longer than a 90 minute walk. Second, it’s really hard to decide where a tributary ends and where the real river6 ends. Finally, the footpath that would have let me walk along the Thames was closed. Nonetheless, it was a great time. If you want to see my journey at 60x speed,7 you can find it here. If you want to see it at 15x speed,8 along with fun information, you can find it here.

Draft 1

Today for a homework assignment, I went on a riverwalk.9 I chose to go from the London Aquatics Center10 to the River Thames.11 I found that you can go the entire distance from the Aquatic Centre to the Thames without ever leaving the river.12 It was a really fun walk. It was tempting to walk to where the Thames meets the Chanel, but I was unable to for two reasons: that would have put me well over the maximum time of 90 minutes, and the footpath following the Thames was closed.

  1. take a walking journey of between 45 and 90 minutes between two historic locations

  2. the site of the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Swimming and Diving Events

  3. allegedly the largest river contained entirely in England

  4. assuming you don’t make mistakes (which I did) and are ok trespassing(only for a short distance to avoid crossing an overpass)(which I was not)

  5. and even one lock!

  6. apparently the correct term is actually “main stem”

  7. 20 fps and 3 seconds between shots

  8. 5 fps and above

  9. the assignment was to record a journey (by foot) of 45-90 minutes in length

  10. home of the Summer 2012 Olympics and Paralympics

  11. the largest river contained entirely in England

  12. if you don’t make mistakes and have to backtrack (which I did)