I'm just copying my father


Will He or Won’t He?

Draft 1

Today, as you might have noticed, is Thursday.1 On Thursdays,2 I’ve kept meaning to go to a Baptist Church somewhere in London, but haven’t for a variety of reasons.

So, there’s a reason for me to be at the Baptist Church, and it isn’t that I’ve had a sudden change of faith. Instead, there’s an Irish Bagpiping group that meets there every Thursday night. They’re an Irish Bagpiping group in the sense that they play the Irish Bagpipes,3 not the “normal” Scottish Pipes.4 Uilleann Pipes are objectively better as an instrument in many regards. So, I’ve been excited to try them, but haven’t yet.

The first week I was here, they didn’t meet, as it was Summer vacation in London. The second was the same. Last week, I was locked out of my dorm, so needed to find a way back into it.5 And this week, some members of the group decided to do a movie night, so I attended that instead.6 Maybe next week?

  1. well, as of writing this, it’s AD 2018, 20 September

  2. Thursday’s?

  3. Uilleann Pipes

  4. Great Highland Pipes

  5. spoilers, I got in

  6. it was fun