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Baking Competition Prep 3rd Attempt

First Published: 2018 December 26

Draft 1

Today I tried baking again. Instead of the attempts I’d made before, where I made one full-size cake, and asked for others to compare to no reference, today I made 5 small recipes and had comparisons from there. The five recipes I tested were: the original, browned butter and coffee, browned then cooled butter and coffee, just coffee, and just browned butter. I had two amazing friends who were willing to taste test for me.

Sadly, one person’s favorite1 was the other’s least favorite: browned butter and coffee That was the browned and coffeed recipe. Both found the browned, coffeeless recipe a close second, so that appears to be a good choice. However, the original was also one’s favorite and the other’s third favorite. So, I’ll probably try those two recipes on Saturday, as I have a chance to talk to the judge again.

  1. as is often the case