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Finishing an Audiobook

First Published: 2018 December 27

Draft 1

For the past two weeks or so, I’ve been listening to a long audiobook. Unfortunately, other than a transatlantic flight, I’ve had very little time where my ears are free and the rest of me is not. That is, these past two weeks, either I’ve been unable to listen to something, because my ears are otherwise occupied, as in meetings and conversations, or I’ve also been able to use the rest of my body. Again, that is, I can use my hands to make music, or my eyes to read a book. Since I can’t read a book while listening to one, I couldn’t do that. Nonetheless, it was very fun.

While I still don’t love audiobooks, I understand some of the appeal. Had I still been in London, with my long commutes, I think the audiobook would have been more useful. Nonetheless, I’m mostly just glad it’s over.