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Ballad Rules

First Published: 2019 February 01

Draft 1

As I mentioned yesterday, this month I’m trying to write a limerick a day. Now, this means that I actually need to know how to write them. The rules of a limerick are apparently really flexible, which is sad. Maybe I’ll choose a different type of poem.

I think I’ll instead do the ballad form. That is ABCB, where the A and C lines have 8 syllables, and the B’s have 6 syllables. Since it’s a folk tradition, the rules are pretty vague from there. So, since for the daily sonnet I wrote 14 lines, I should probably try three stanzas of 4 lines, so that I have a smaller number of lines to write.

Maybe next month I’ll try a nonet.1

  1. Other options include this,this,the time that this may be, or this