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Diving Update

First Published: 2019 February 02

Draft 1

Today, all three of the men attempted to end the meet with the same dive, 405C. One of us1 has thrown the dive at numerous other meets, so it went well, as was to be expected. One of us2 had never attempted this dive before, so it went better than expected. One of us3 had tried it a few times before, so the dive went as mediocrely as to be expected.

In addition, I attempted 205 again. This time I tried it twice, the first was ok, the second one went way over! I almost threw a triple. That’s exciting.

Otherwise, the meet went pretty well. I had some dives I’ve never done quite as well, and a lot of dives I’ve done as well before.

  1. not me

  2. also not me

  3. me!