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Fear of Heights

First Published 2018 November 14

Draft 1

One of the things I tend to forget is that I have somewhat of a fear of heights. More than that, I have a fear of jumping off tall heights. Maybe that isn’t a fear, the more that I think about it, and just a reasonable reaction.

Nonetheless, since I was never afraid of one meter, seldom of three, and not at all afraid of jumping off of five meter platforms, I decided that I would try jumping off of the 10 meter platform tonight. I got to the 7 meter, and began climbing up to the 10.

I didn’t realize how close to the roof I was, especially since it seemed so high before I started. Wow that was scary.

But, I jumped. I was in the air way too long. And then I hit the water. Next week I’ll try going in head first.