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Walking Blind

First Published: 2018 November 13

Draft 1

As most of you alleged readers know, I have somewhat bad vision. And, since we live in the future, we have wearable technology that corrects for that. Most of the time, I correct my vision with glasses. On occasion, I correct it with contacts. And then there are the nights like tonight.

While going about my day, I paused in my room to do some homework.1 Upon preparing to leave the dorm for a talk about maps that shaped America,2 I realized I couldn’t find my glasses. So, knowing that I knew how to get to the talk fine without seeing detail, I set off.

London is a much different city with poor vision. Crowds of people, who normally I didn’t register, suddenly seemed so much more sinister. My own shadow, distorted by street lights, gave me pause, as I thought I had a pursuer.

But, I made it to the talk safe, oddly enough. Today was nice, if only to remind myself both how blessed I am to have correctable vision, and how even the smallest of changes can drastically affect how we see the world.

  1. and take a nap

  2. so British, I know